Ban on Shark Fins

Brantford the First Canadian Jurisdiction to Ban Shark Fin Products

Brantford, a city in southwestern Ontario, became the first Canadian jurisdiction to ban shark fin products. Hawaii and Washington State have already passed legislation banning shark fin products. Shark fins are used More ยป

Banned Jelly Sweets

Banned Jelly Sweets

Jelly sweets are banned in United Kingdom and the rest of Europe on the basis of choking hazard. Jelly sweets are made thickening agent that are called konjac. Konjac is very harmful for our health.

Banned Raw Milk

Banned Raw Milk

Raw milk is banned in the 22 states of United States and Canada. Unpasteurized milk has harmful germs that effect on the human health. In fact it is found widely in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Kiss Tobacco is Banned

Kiss Tobacco

Kiss Tobacco is banned in Israel because it contains resemblance of human beings and obscenity. It is very harmful for our health.

Banned and Rejects Advertisements

Banned and Rejects Ads

Such advertisements of demeaned and objectified women are banned in Canada.

Horse and Human Meat are Banned

Horse and Human Meat Banned

The United State has banned on horse and human meat. The horse became illegal a few years ago in the slaughter for food. Before this we do not really eat it because it is harmful for our life.