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Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Backstreet Boys Songs Banned in China

Lady Gaga Banned In China

China’s Culture Ministry ordered to remove those Websites in China that feature music by artists such as Lady Gaga and the Backstreet Boys. The ministry said that said that if anyone by did cheating and posted them so they will surely be punished. The ministry posted a list of 100 songs – including Lady Gaga’s “Judas” and Perry’s “Last Friday Night” because they had never been submitted for mandatory government screening.

Katy Perry’s ‘Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)’ has been banned, most likely for its lyrical content, which includes describing drinking alcohol, running naked and a “menage a trois”. Lady Gaga’s six songs from her latest album are also banned. ‘I Want it That Way’ of Backstreet Boys is also banned.

France Bans Islamic Street Friday Prayers In Paris on the Road

Muslims Banned from Prayers in the Streets

The French government has enacted a new law prohibiting Muslims from praying in the streets. France banned Muslim Friday prayers outside the room. France is home to the biggest Muslim minority in Western Europe.
The street prayer ban has highlighted France’s problems assimilating its 5-million-strong Muslim community, which lacks prayer space, and follows a long-running controversy. The government argued, to pray outside the room was embarrassing themselves. French interior minister Claude Gueant said, “Street prayers must stop because they hurt the feelings of many of our compatriots who are shocked by the occupation of the public space for a religious practice.”

Brantford the First Canadian Jurisdiction to Ban Shark Fin Products

Ban on Shark Fins

Brantford, a city in southwestern Ontario, became the first Canadian jurisdiction to ban shark fin products. Hawaii and Washington State have already passed legislation banning shark fin products. Shark fins are used in a soup that is often served at traditional Chinese weddings. The ban on any use of shark fin will impose fines ranging from $5,000 for a first offense to $100,000 for a third offense. European Parliament also Supports Strengthening the EU Finning Ban.

Ban Shark Fin Products

Rainbows Displayed at a Gay Pride Event are Banned at St Joseph Catholic Secondary School Ontario Canada

Catholic Scool Banned Rainbow

St. Joseph Catholic Secondary School in Ontario, Canada is so adamant about pushing gay issues under the rug that it has  banned rainbows. Administrators at a Catholic high school in Canada told students they couldn’t use rainbows for an antihomophobia event.

The school  banned the display of any rainbows during what was called an “anti-homophobia event.” Some clever students secretly baked rainbow cupcakes and sold them as a fundraiser. Since rainbows couldn’t be displayed openly and proudly, the students baked rainbows into the cupcakes by dying the batter in a rainbow of colours.

Catholic Scool Banned Rainbow

Duck-abusing American Celebrity Hunter Jeff Foiles Banned from Hunting in Canada

 Jeffery Foiles Banned

An American celebrity hunter, Jeff Foiles, 54, from Pleasant Hill, Ill., has been fined $14,500 in Edmonton court for causing unnecessary pain and suffering to a duck. He has also been banned from hunting in Canada for three years and two in the U.S.
Foiles, who sells videos of his bird hunts online, was reportedly seen in one of his taped hunts holding up a wounded duck, wrenching the duck’s neck, and opening the bird’s mouth while making quacking sounds.
Jeffery Foiles Banned