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Sexual Imagery in Outdoor Advertising Banned

Banned Offensive Sexual Billboards

Report on growing sexualisation of young people also suggests public billboards should be vetted for offensive images. Sexually explicit images of women will be removed from billboards near schools.

Star Studded Famine Commercial of Bono Banned from Airing on U.K. Tv

Bono's Charity Advertisement Banned

UK Broadcasting officials banned Irish rocker Bono’s latest commercial that features the likes of Jessica Alba, George Clooney and Colin Farell, as they fear it breaches rules regarding political advertising. Broadcasting officials fear that the rules ensure that adverts aren’t being broadcast by bodies whose objects are wholly or mainly political. The short film is part of One’s ‘Hungry No More’ campaign, which calls for governments to help tackle the causes of famine in Africa.

Congress Lifted a 5 Year Old Ban on Horse Meat

Ban on Horse Meat

Horses are not regarded as food-producing animals, still there is a high demand for horse meat, that the trade will be driven underground resulting in a black market, as has happened recently in the Miami, U.S. Horse meat, which is known to be slightly sweet and tender, is widely eaten in parts of Asia, Europe, South America and Canada. A bill that bans the sale of horses for human consumption passed in American Parliament in September 2006. Horse meat has been used in the U.S. to feed zoo animals, because it’s a good source of protein. Congress has lifted a de facto ban on the slaughter of horses last days.

Schools Banned Silly Bandz Over Distraction

Silly Bandz Ban

Silly Bandz are all the rage with American youth. Colorful bracelets called Silly Bandz are getting banned at schools nationwide because they are so distracting for kids. Simply rubber bracelets shaped like animals, letters of the alphabet, etc are the shapely, inexpensive novelty items. They come in different shapes like letters, musical instruments and animals. Now schools are banning them because they are a distraction.Schools in several states, including New York, Texas, Florida and Massachusetts, have blacklisted Silly Bandz.

Ivory Coast Government Lifts Temporary Ban On its Cocoa Exports

Ivory Coast Cocoa Ban

Ivory Coast is the world’s largest cocoa producer. Ivory Coast produces about a third of the world’s cocoa. The European Union, US and West African states have already adopted various financial sanctions against Gbagbo and his closest allies. Ivory Coast’s President Alassane Ouattara formally lifted a nearly three-month ban on cocoa and coffee exports.