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Banned Pommac

Banned Pommac

Pommac was a soft drink and champagne-flavored that is manufactured by Dr. Pepper in the 60s. The tasting of Pommac like carbonated prune juice that is not useful for health because it was a champagne- flavored soft drink had something to do with.

Ban on Kinder Eggs

Ban on Kinder Eggs

Kinder Eggs are banned in United States. It is a German candy egg. Kinder Eggs have white and milk chocolate layer below the shell.

Banned Fugu

Banned Item

Fugu is banned in United State. It is mostly harmful Japanese fish.

Banned on Haggis

Banned Thing

Ten years ago the Haggis has been restricted in the United States. The ingredients key of Haggis is respiratory organ. Therefore, the government of United State banned it.

Ban on Sassafras oil

Banned Things

Sassafras Oil is banned item in the United State. In the lab of rats the Sassafras Oil was found to cause the cancer. I never think that Sassafras Oil is more dangerous.