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Banned Items Which Cannot be Carried in Hand Bags

Restricted Items

Personal Items

Realistic replica of toy weapon, Scissors-metal and lighters are restricted by India government.

Sharp Objects

The sharp object which is not carried in hand baggage: Sword, Sabers, Box Cutters, Razor-type blades, Utility knives, Meat Cleavers and Ice Picks.

Banned Items at London Olympics

Banned Item

Beijing restricted the some games which are criticized for its high levels of oppressing political dissent. The list of restricted objects is released by London Olympic organizers for 2012 venues.

Banned Items in London Olympic

Following is the list of restricted items sent to all ticket-holders yesterday. Balls, rackets, Frisbee s, noisemakers such as hunting horns, air horns, klaxons, drums, vuvuzelas and whistles.

Sheesha Banned in Pakistan

Ban on Sheesha

The government of Pakistan has banned on the sheesha but we are unable to follow the instructions. It is very sorry to say that sheesha is used at public places. If the same evil practice continuous the young generation can get easy approach on sheesha.

Sale of Tobacco Products Banned in Himachal Pradesh

Ban Tobacco Products

Himachal Pradesh is a state of Northern India and Shimla is the capital city of this state. The government of this state has made restricted on the production, storage and sale of Tobacco, Gutka, Pan Masala, Masheri and Khaini. If these items are manufactured or sold then this state will take action under the Food Safety and Standards Act,2006.