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Four Loko Banned

Four Loko Banned

The department of food and drug administration decided to ban on Four Loko. The caffeine and alcohol are mix in it. It is a harmful for our health. In these foods 5 Hour Everclear, Super Dews

Banned Vegemite in United States


Vegemite has been banned in United States. It is contains on folate which is an additive food and his FDA is not sweet. People are reluctant to import it because it is murky enough.

Banned Absinthe in United States

Absinthe Banned

Absinthe is a harmful food and it has been banned in United State. Wormwood is a necessary part of absinthe. Absinthe is not real absinthe without the wormwood

Authentic Italian Meats Banned

Authentic Italian Meats

We can eat headcheese, prosciutto and salami here in the United States. But it has to be produced and slaughtered here. Any country cannot export to you.

Banned Pig’s Blood Cake

Pigs Blood Cake

Pig’s Blood Cake is banned in United States. It is a Taiwanese delicate in appearance; it is mixture of rice on a stick and Pig’s blood.