Banned From Google AdSense

As a website owner these are the words that you never want to hear or see in an email, as when Google bans you from AdSense then they tend to do it just the once e.g. it tends to be a permanent ban.

So the first thing you want to do is to do all you can to make sure that you are never banned. Commonly people are banned due to click fraud, whereby they are clicking on their own ads, or they are getting their relatives or friends to click on their ads daily. Google is wise to this and monitors clicks versus IP addresses, so too many clicks from one ip address and you may get banned.

If you think you can beat Google at click fraud then think again, as they have multiple systems in place to stop it and catch you out.

Or you may get banned whereby someone goes click happy (This is called click bombing) and clicks on lots of your AdSense ads in very short succession. Sometimes this is genuine and sometimes it is not, and thankfully the Google software seems pretty good at monitoring the difference between the two.

If as an example if one user clicks on two ads thirty or forty seconds apart then this is likely to be classed as genuine by Google. E.g. The user has been attracted by an AdSense ad, which opens in a new window, they visit the site and then come back to yours, they may then see another ad a short time later that also attracts them and click on it.

This worries some people, but it should not; I for one often find myself doing this when I visit other peoples sites, and so I would class it as normal user behaviour.

The bad part is when a user clicks on three or four AdSense ads within seconds of each other, in which case whilst you are unlikely to get banned for someone doing this, you are also unlikely to be credited with any money for the users clicks.

However you would be wise to run some form of statcounter on your site to monitor such activity, as it is a common problem that a rival website owner may come along everyday and click on your ads just to try and get you banned. By running a good statcounter you will not be able to stop them clicking, but you will be able to take a screenshot and send this to Google AdSense if it worries you.

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