Banned Items at London Olympics

Banned Item

Beijing restricted the some games which are criticized for its high levels of oppressing political dissent. The list of restricted objects is released by London Olympic organizers for 2012 venues.

Banned Items in London Olympic

Following is the list of restricted items sent to all ticket-holders yesterday. Balls, rackets, Frisbee s, noisemakers such as hunting horns, air horns, klaxons, drums, vuvuzelas and whistles.

The large size flags, hats and golf-style umbrellas are restricted in the government of London.

Banned London Olympic

The restriction has been made for the flags of countries participating in the games. An exception has been made for the individual flags of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Cathy Freeman was wearing flag round her shoulders after winning the 400 meters in Sydney. It is not a national flag, so it is restricted by the government.

London Olympic

All types of knives are banned, only the Sikh article of faith dagger will be allowed.

The bikes and folding bikes are restricted in the Olympic Park because there is no parking space around the site.

The liquids are not allowed over from 100ml and payment is to be used with visa or cash.

The food items of McDonald’s are banned to boost retail sales on the Olympic Park.

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