Banned Items Which Cannot be Carried in Hand Bags

Restricted Items

Personal Items

Realistic replica of toy weapon, Scissors-metal and lighters are restricted by India government.

Sharp Objects

The sharp object which is not carried in hand baggage: Sword, Sabers, Box Cutters, Razor-type blades, Utility knives, Meat Cleavers and Ice Picks.

Sporting Goods

Sporting goods, Spear Guns, Cricket Bats, Ski Poles, Pool Cues, Lacrosse Sticks, Hockey Sticks, Baseball Bats, Golf Clubs and Bows and Arrows are banned sporting goods in the government of India.

Banned Items Carry out the Bag

Guns and Firearms

Starter pistols, Realistic Replicas of Firearms, Pellet Guns, Compressed Air Guns, BB guns, Ammunition and Parts of Guns are restricted items to carry out in the hand bags.


Wrenches and Pliers, Tools, Saws, Screwdrivers, Axes and hatchets, Drills, Hammers, Crowbars, Prods and Cattle are that tools which are not carried out in the hand bags.

Self Defense Items

Throwing Stars, Stun Guns, Martial Arts, Billy Clubs, Nunchakus, Martial Arts Weapons, Black Jacks, Pepper Spray, Kubatons and Brass Knuckles are self defense restricted items.

Banned Things

Items which cannot be carried even as checked in baggage

• Strike and Lighters anywhere matches.
• Firearms and Guns
• Gun powder, lighters and Flare Guns
• Materials should be explosive
• Items should be flammable.

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