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Kiss Tobacco is Banned

Kiss Tobacco

Kiss Tobacco is banned in Israel because it contains resemblance of human beings and obscenity. It is very harmful for our health.

Oscar Nominated Child Actress Hailee Steinfeld’s Miu Miu Irresponsible Fashion Ad Banned

Miu Miu Fashion Ad

Hailee Steinfeld’s latest ad for Miu Miu has been banned. Britain’s Advertising Standards Authority took issue with the ad campaign because they claimed the actress, which¬† was a child, was in a dangerous situation sitting on a railway track. The

Sexually Provocative Adverts For Lynx Deodorant Banned by Regulators

Lynx Ads

Advertising Standards Authority has banned the Unilever’s Lynx deodorant brand advertising in United Kingdom after attracting more than 100 complaints. Lucy Pinder featured in a series of raunchy poses in this commercial.¬† The fundamental reasons behind the scenes was that,