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All Over The World Banned Video Games

Banned Video Games

computer game that has been banned in Britain because it features “sustained and cumulative casual sadism” would probably not be allowed for sale in Australia, according to an expert. 1- Grand Theft Auto IV: Banned in: United Arab Emirates

European Union Put Bans on Full Body X-Ray Scanners on Airports Over Health Concerns

Ban on Scanners

The European Union has decided last week to ban on all full body X-ray scanners from all airports in Union to ensure the health and safety of the citizens. The ban comes after the recent media report that the X-ray scanners

Pakistan Banned Vital Supply Routes For Nato, ISAF and U.S in Afghanistan

Pakistan Blocked NATO Supplies

Pakistan has closed both its crossings after coalition air strikes by NATO that allegedly killed 24 Pakistani troops last Saturday. More than 300 trucks carrying coalition supplies are now backed up at Torkham and Chaman Chekpoints. A year ago Pakistan

Former U.S. Gymnastics Coach Accused of Sexual Abuse Banned for Lifetime

Former Gymnastic Coach

Don Peters, head coach of the 1984 U.S. women’s Olympic team, was declared “permanently ineligible” after a disciplinary hearing by USA Gymnastics this month. Former Olympic gymnastics coach accused of sexual abuse banned for life and his place in the

Actress Banned From Movies Over Affair with Fellow

Banned Indian Actress

Indian Actress, Nikhita Thukral has been banned from appearing in Kannada language films because she had an affair with her famous co-star, action hero Darshan. The three-year ban was imposed on actress after Darshan, was arrested on domestic violence charges