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Hand Raising Ban to Answer Questions in Classrooms to Keep Children Calm

Hand Raising Ban

A school in London has banned children from raising their hands in class. Now all the children have been told to extend their thumbs instead of raising their arms in class. According to principal, Banning children from raising their hands

TV Bosses Banned Tom Selleck From Shaving Mustache

Tom Selleck's Moustache Ban

Tom Selleck was banned from shaving off his famous moustache, when he consulted his T.V Bosses about removing his upper lip hair. He accepted the role of a police chief in new U.S. cop drama Blue Bloods. He wanted to

Edward Kennett Received 6 Month Worldwide Ban from Racing

Edward Kennett Banned

Great Britain speedway star Edward Kennett has been banned for cheating in Coventry’s Elite League win at Lakeside. Edward Kennett banned for one week charged with silencer tampering.  The Speedway Control Bureau Disciplinary Court gave him 12 month suspension, but

Sexual Imagery in Outdoor Advertising Banned

Banned Offensive Sexual Billboards

Report on growing sexualisation of young people also suggests public billboards should be vetted for offensive images. Sexually explicit images of women will be removed from billboards near schools.

Star Studded Famine Commercial of Bono Banned from Airing on U.K. Tv

Bono's Charity Advertisement Banned

UK Broadcasting officials banned Irish rocker Bono’s latest commercial that features the likes of Jessica Alba, George Clooney and Colin Farell, as they fear it breaches rules regarding political advertising. Broadcasting officials fear that the rules ensure that adverts aren’t