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Hand Raising Ban to Answer Questions in Classrooms to Keep Children Calm

Hand Raising Ban

A school in London has banned children from raising their hands in class. Now all the children have been told to extend their thumbs instead of raising their arms in class. According to principal, Banning children from raising their hands

Villa Star Barry Bannan Banned After M1 Crash

Barry Bannan Banned

The 21-year-old Aston Villa footballer Barry Bannan was fined ¬£4,500 at Nottingham Magistrates’ Court on 24 november. Player also faced the panelty of banning from driving for One and half year. He was accused of driving with excess alcohol following

Speaker Bans Herald for 10 days Over a Photo Shoot in the Legislation Chamber

New Zealand Parliament banned herald

The New Zealand Herald has been banned from press gallery offices in parliament chamber for 10 days after a reporter of the newspaper broke the rules by taking a photo  from upper press galary in the chamber. The punishment is

Moran Bill Would Ban Uses of Circus Animals In Travelling Shows

Big Top

It is proposed that new legislation should be done to protect the rights of non-domesticated animals and put ban on using big animals like elephants and lions under the big top. Jim Moran, a Virginia Congressman may introduce the bill

Teacher Banned Students From Saying God Bless You Phrase in Classroom

Sneezing In Classroom

A health teacher in California threatened to deduct points from students grades if they tell a fellow student “bless you” after they sneeze. According to him the saying is “outdated.”