Ban on Shark Fins

Brantford the First Canadian Jurisdiction to Ban Shark Fin Products

Brantford, a city in southwestern Ontario, became the first Canadian jurisdiction to ban shark fin products. Hawaii and Washington State have already passed legislation banning shark fin products. Shark fins are used More »

Iran Banned Glamorous Haircuts of Western Style

Western Haircut Ban in Iran

Men in Iran have been banned from “un-Islamic” haircuts. Iranian police had warned barbers not to give men Western hairstyles on May, 2008. Iran issued a catalog of Muslim-approved haircuts. The list of banned styles includes ponytails, mullets and elaborate spikes. Whereas, quiffs appear to be acceptable, as are fashioning one’s hair in the style of Simon Cowell or cultivating a 1980s-style floppy fringe.

Western Haircut Ban in Iran

Teacher Banned Students From Saying God Bless You Phrase in Classroom

Sneezing In Classroom

A health teacher in California threatened to deduct points from students grades if they tell a fellow student “bless you” after they sneeze. According to him the saying is “outdated.”

Sneezing In Classroom

Sexually Provocative Adverts For Lynx Deodorant Banned by Regulators

Advertising Standards Authority has banned the Unilever’s Lynx deodorant brand advertising in United Kingdom after attracting more than 100 complaints. Lucy Pinder featured in a series of raunchy poses in this commercial.  The fundamental reasons behind the scenes was that, men who spray the fragrance become more attractive to beautiful women.  The model acted different activities in the commercial by showcasing her cleavage like washing a car, eating an ice lolly and whipping up a Sunday roast.

“We considered that the suggestive nature of the image and the strong innuendo were not acceptable for public display where they might be seen by children and concluded that the poster was irresponsible on this point,” the ASA said.

Lynx Ads

French Censors Banned Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ Video In France

Rihanna We Found Love

French censors has banned video of “We Found Love” in France. “We Found Love” is the new track of Pop star Rihanna’s new album, “Talk That Talk”. It is blamed by French censors that the video contained “self-destructive” behavior. Her video for ‘S&M’ was also banned in more than 10 countries after being deemed too sexually explicit to be shown on television.

Rihanna We Found Love

Loud Grunting Banned Lauryn Edwards From Playing Tennis

Lauryn Edwards

Lauryn Edwards, 9, was banned from playing tennis because of her loud grunting. She was banned by the club, in which she played, after a complaint from an opposition player. She belonged to Australia.