Ban on Shark Fins

Brantford the First Canadian Jurisdiction to Ban Shark Fin Products

Brantford, a city in southwestern Ontario, became the first Canadian jurisdiction to ban shark fin products. Hawaii and Washington State have already passed legislation banning shark fin products. Shark fins are used More ยป

San Francisco Banned 10 Things In Its Territory

Pet Babies1- Happy Meals Toys:
SF board of supervisors passed an ordinance to ban or limit on Happy Meal toys fast food, who use toys and other kid-oriented incentives to entice children to eat fast food.

Happy Meal Toys

Digital Download Products Banned on eBay

It’s no longer front page news, everyone knows now that downloadable products are banned from virtually the entire worldwide eBay marketplace.

Suggested reasons for the ban were several, some saying the overwhelming majority of digital products were inexpensive, sometimes shoddy, and as such they gave eBay and its sellers a bad reputation. eBay itself said eBooks were often used by buyers and sellers to grow feedback fast and in a minority of cases people used the glowing feedback typically received this way to build credibility on which to promote scams later.

Banned Books And Why They Are Banned

Banned books are some of the most curious things on earth. That is because books are something that cannot do any direct harm to any one. Unless of course it is thrown at someone. However, everyone’s aware that a powerful book can have a lot of influence on people. Hence, books are often banned by the authorities out of the fear that it will influence the masses in the wrong way. But it is never that clean cut a line.

Landlords With Low EPC Rating to Be Banned

Since 2008, Landlords have faced the legal requirement of obtaining an Energy Performance Certificate, EPC prior to letting their property. The EPC provides a rating on a scale of A-G showing the Energy Efficiency and the Environmental Impact. The EPC also contains recommendations as to how the Landlord can improve the energy efficiency of their property, although undertaking these works is not compulsory.