Sale of Tobacco Products Banned in Himachal Pradesh

Ban Tobacco Products

Himachal Pradesh is a state of Northern India and Shimla is the capital city of this state. The government of this state has made restricted on the production, storage and sale of Tobacco, Gutka, Pan Masala, Masheri and Khaini. If these items are manufactured or sold then this state will take action under the Food Safety and Standards Act,2006.

Himachal Pradesh is the first state of this country that has made restriction on the illegal items. This government has made it clear on Friday. This government has hire the surveyors to survey the state and find those people who are involved in smoking, are liable to pay the fine.

The government of this state found 42591 smoky persons and Rs 55 Lac collect fine from these persons. This heavy amount is to be utilizing on anti-tobacco activities. To reduce the restricted item the state has increase in taxes and ensures the different department that such items are banned. Tashijong is the first village of Kangra district in India who has banned the tobacco products.

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